What do I have to do to get a leaflet delivered?
You contact us by email or telephone. We will ask you what you require or advise on what we feel may be your best options. We will advise on paper type and size, colours and leaflet content. If you have printer ready material this will reduce the cost if no artwork is required. If you do not know really what you want we will advise on the best options open to you. Sometimes a simple logo or image with basic text is as good as a professionally produced full colour leaflet that has had a lot of artwork done. We are here to help and advise and want all our clients to be happy with the service we give.

How much does a leaflet cost?
Each leaflet is designed to the specification given by the client. The price is dependent on quantity, size and type of type of paper, artwork, colours, single/double-sided and distribution requirements.

What are your payment terms?
Payment is required before the leaflet is processed by the printer. It is quite common that printers require pre-payment before work can commence.

How much time do you need from design to distribution?
This depends on the complexity of the leaflet, time involved with artwork and the number of copies required. We try to turn round leaflets as quickly as possible but the usual time scale is ten to fourteen days from acceptance. We may be able to produce leaflets quicker if there is some urgency but this cannot be guaranteed.

How many leaflets will I need?
We can advise on the areas you that will suit your requirements. The number required would be down to each client and how much they would like to spend. We can deliver as little as 1000 leaflets to 50,000 leaflets or more.

When will my leaflets de delivered?
This depends on the client. Premier rates apply for sole distribution where no other leaflets are delivered. We try to keep costs low for the client by delivering more than one leaflet at the same time when possible. We can also offer to deliver leaflets in batches to suit customer requirements. For example, if it is a small business we can deliver 1000 leaflets in one area one month, 1000 in another month etc. Payment would be made in advance but leaflets delivered in batches.

How are my leaflets distributed?
We are a family-run business and all leaflets are delivered by family members who are paid a fair rate. We want dependable and honest people delivering our leaflets and we are prepared to pay for reliability.

How do I know if my leaflets are being delivered?
Each person delivering leaflet is given a sector or part of a sector and is under the supervision of a team leader. Clients would be notified which streets a leaflet has been delivered to and they could if they wished do spot checks to check that leaflets have been delivered as they should have been.

What areas can I choose to have my leaflet delivered to?
Scarborough is divided into thirty sectors and we can produce the actual number of streets and the number of homes within each sector. A client can choose any sector/area they wish for their leaflet distribution. We can also arrange to deliver leaflets in the villages.>

How do I ensure I will be happy with my leaflet?
The customer is in charge of the content of the leaflet at all times. We will advise and produce what we feel is required. The customer can change or edit any aspect of the leaflet at any time. The leaflet will only go to print when the client has approved the final proof. A client may change the proof any number of times until they are happy.

I have had a leaflet produced by another company that I want delivering. Can you arrange this?
We will deliver any material for any client who has a need for distribution. We will price each requirement in accordance with the number of items to be delivered. We would prefer any material to be delivered to our distribution address but will collect for a suitable fee. Leaflets should be given to us clearly marked in set quantities. Extra charges will be incurred if we have to count leaflets to be distributed.